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12 Unique and Thoughtful Ideas to Build Your Own Gift Hamper

When it comes to gifting, there's a certain joy in handpicking every single item, after carefully considering the recipient's taste, interests, and needs. The result? A gift hamper that's more than just a bundle of things - it's a heartfelt expression of love, care, and thoughtfulness.

Indulge in the joy of personalized gifting with Advait Living. Create your own gift hamper with meticulously handpicked and thoughtful products that reflect your love and care for the recipient. Make your gift truly unforgettable and special.

Here, we have curated twelve out-of-the-box and unique items that will place your gift hamper in the memory of your recipient forever. Each item comes with its own charm and purpose, designed to delight the receiver. Let's delve into the world of custom gifting and explore these handpicked ideas offered by Advait Living, one by one. 

1. A2 Desi Cow Ghee

A2 Desi Cow Ghee


Range: Rs 450-2000/-

Ghee is a wonderful gift to give. In vedas, A2 desi cow ghee, made by traditional vedic bilona method, is considered a symbol of strength, vitality, energy and prosperity. It brings abundance of health & improves the intellect. Ghee is also used for traditional ‘aarti’ (prayers) and lightening the ‘akhandjyoti’ (diya) during the festive season. Moreover, ghee is extremely healthy and can boost immunity.

Advait Living's A2 desi cow ghee is made from certified A2 milk from our dairy farm in Rajasthan. This authentic and traditionally made ghee, is prepared using the Vedic bilona method using the milk of indigenous cows. Gifting ghee is very auspicious and a premium gift addition to your  thoughtful and custom-made hamper. Moreover, our ghee is packed in these beautiful sustainable glass bottles to keep its nutrition intact! You can either add this to your hamper or just add a lovely jute bag, handwritten note, and voila, you have a wonderful gift for your loved ones! 

This one will blow your recipient's mind, as they may have never experienced a gift like this, which is thoughtful, traditional, and yet modern at the same time!  

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2. Premium Kashmiri Kesar

Premium Kashmiri Kesar

Price: Rs 690/-

Discovered in greece, and planted worldwide, it is said that saffron (kesar) arrived in Kashmir in the 12th century, when two traveling sufi saints—Khawaja Masood Wali and Sheikh Sharif-u-din Wali, presented a crocus bulb to a local chieftain after he cured them of an illness. Our Premium Kashmiri Kesar offers you the true essence of saffron.

Gifting kesar has been part of traditions right from the days of royalty. Kesar is a premium and rare item of gift. It holds a really special place across the world as a gift that symbolizes health and strength. Saffron is also revered for its healing benefits. 

Grown naturally in the prestine mountains of Kashmir, our kesar is hand-picked and harvested carefully, once a year in October. The dark red threads slowly release a golden hue upon infusion, retaining a potent aroma and flavor throughout its use. 

Kesar is versatile in its application. It is used for cooking festive delicacies, consumed in milk or even used for natural beauty & glow.   

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3. Premium Loose Leaf Black Tea

Premium Loose Leaf Black Tea

Range: Rs 200-500/-

Experience the sublime flavours of our Premium Loose Leaf Black Tea, a handcrafted blend of pure, organic, and high-grade tea leaves. Directly sourced from small farmers in Golaghat, Assam, the 'tippy golden flowery orange pekoe' leaves unfold to reveal a robust brew filled with nutty, coppery tones and a distinct aroma. This antioxidant-rich tea promotes cellular health, dental hygiene, and alertness due to its natural L-theanine content. Steep a teaspoon in boiling water, strain, add a touch of sweetness, and indulge in the joy of this warm, comforting brew.

Black loose leaf tea can make an excellent and thoughtful gift for tea enthusiasts. You may consider pairing it with a stylish tea infuser or a set of tea cups for a more complete gift. Personalise the selection based on the recipient's preferences to make it even more special.

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4. All Natural Rose Facial Cleanser

All Natural Rose Facial Cleanser

Price: Rs 285/-

Embrace the power of plants with the All Natural Rose Facial Cleanser, a perfect inclusion in your custom gift hamper. Comprised of powdered desi rose, this fragrant cleanser is entirely plant-based and free from artificial fragrances, additives, and preservatives. It's a step towards skincare that's as healthy as it's wholesome.

This magical mix, infused with sun-dried turmeric and curry leaves, provides an instant glow while battling free radicals and acne, dullness and wrinkles as this skin-friendly cleanser nurtures all skin types. It's handcrafted with love, promising a cruelty-free beauty experience. Consider combining it with other skincare products like a moisturizer or a face mask to create a gentle skincare gift set. Packaging it nicely adds an extra touch of thoughtfulness.

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5. Spiced Honey Gulkand

Spiced Honey Gulkand


Price: Rs 240/-

Spiced honey gulkand is a delightful and unique treat originating from traditional Ayurvedic wisdom. It combines the sweetness of honey with the floral essence of gulkand (a traditional Indian rose petal jam) and the warmth of aromatic spices like kesar, elaichi and saunf. It can be enjoyed on its own, used as a spread, or added to desserts and drinks for an exotic twist. 

Consider presenting it in a beautifully decorated tray or hamper and include a note explaining its cultural significance and potential uses. This thoughtful gift is sure to be appreciated by those who enjoy exploring new flavors and culinary experiences.

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6. Single Flora Raw Honey

Single Flora Raw Honey

Range: Rs 250-500/-

For centuries, bees & raw honey have been a symbol of wealth, good luck and prosperity. In the Bible, honey usually means delight & joy. In the Quran, there is a separate surah called “Nahl” (meaning “bee” in Arabic) which states “there are cures for humans in honey.” In hindu mythology, the gods ‘Vishnu’, ‘Krishna’, and ‘Indra’ were called Madhava, the nectar-born ones, and their symbol is the bee—the symbol of life, resurrection, and nature. 

Single flora honey is harvested from the nectar of a specific type of flower, resulting in distinct tastes and aromas and it also serves as an antioxidant due to its numerous medicinal properties. 

Make the gift even more special by pairing it with a honey dipper or including a selection of gourmet teas.

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7. Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Range: Rs 150-700/-

Discover the timeless tradition and cultural significance of Wood Pressed Coconut Oil in India. Perhaps, the most significant symbol of divinity is the coconut palm tree, one of the five legendary Kalpavriksha (the life-giving divine tree). The coconut is part of all Hindu rituals. It is symbolic of divinity or is used as an offering to the Gods. The versatile fruit is also considered a medium to fulfil all desires. 

Embrace the goodness of this thoughtful gift, reflecting your care for the recipient's well-being and the preservation of traditions. The versatility of coconut oil makes it a fantastic gift. It can be consumed raw or with cinnamon to boost metabolism, it can also be applied topically for deep nourishment of body and hair. It is gentle and perfect for infant massages. 

Build your own gift hamper with the essence of wellness with wood-pressed coconut oil, a gift that truly cares.

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8. Moringa Sattu Protein Mix

Moringa Sattu Protein Mix

Price: Rs 120/-

Discover the ancient secret of wellness with our natural Moringa Sattu Protein Mix, a potent superfood brimming with 92 nutrients, fiber, and essential amino acids. Boost your health with its myriad benefits, from hormonal balance to improved liver function, while lowering cholesterol levels and fortifying gut health.

Build your own hamper by presenting the gift of health with our moringa sattu protein mix—a perfect blend of moringa's richness and protein-packed sattu flour. Personalize your gift with a thoughtful cooking recommendation or a health-focused letter. Make your present more meaningful and show you care. Embrace the miracle tree's goodness today!

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9. Heirloom Black Rice

Heirloom Black Rice

Price: Rs 145/-

Introducing Heirloom Black Rice, also known as 'The Forbidden Rice', which once graced the tables of kings and royalty alone. This heirloom seed is naturally grown and unpolished, packed with essential nutrients including antioxidants, fiber, iron, protein, and vitamin E. The rich, nutty taste and transformation to a deep purple hue upon cooking make it a culinary delight. It's versatile enough for porridge, desserts, cakes, and especially for Asian or Thai cooking. 

The health benefits are manifold - it boosts heart and eye health, supports digestion, and aids in diabetes management. Along with this, the aesthetic appeal is increasing with time. Give a gift of wellness and taste, all packed into this humble grain. 

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10. Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

Range: Rs 110-350/-

Our Cold Pressed Mustard Oil is an authentic, raw, unrefined, and heart-healthy product. Extracted from 100% black mustard seeds sourced from our own regenerative farm, our oil is single-pressed without any heat solvents, maintaining its natural aroma and purity. This method also ensures maximum bio-active oil extraction.

The oil is aromatic, heat-stable, and nutrient-dense, making it a healthy and versatile addition to your kitchen. It can be used for cooking, skincare, and even infant massage.

Choosing our product helps you select a gift with a pleasing visual appeal topped with authenticity.

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11. Cha Festive Potli

Cha Festive Potli

Price: Rs 645/-

The Cha Festive Potli is a delightful and thoughtful gift, combining raw sunflower honey and unblended loose leaf black tea inside a vibrant potli bag. To enhance the festive spirit, a customizable greeting card is also included.

The potli bag, embellished with a golden dori, serves as a reusable and eco-friendly bag. The sunflower honey offers healthful sweetness, while the black tea provides robust flavour, making it a perfect blend of taste and well-being. This budget-friendly and personalised gift is bound to make your loved ones feel extra special.

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12. Lo Carb Nuts & Seed Mix

Lo Carb Nuts & Seed Mix

Price: Rs 225/-

Take charge of your health with our Lo Carb Nuts & Seed Flour, a perfectly balanced blend of superfoods, including coconut, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, flaxseed, and barley. Low in carbohydrates yet rich in proteins, good fats, fiber, and vitamins, this mix is a diabetic-friendly alternative to regular flour.

Its benefits extend beyond being suitable for keto dieters, as it aids in insulin regulation. Whether you're baking bread or making roti, this mix will elevate your culinary health game.

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We hope this out-of-the-box curation of Advait Living's farm produce has provided a treasure trove of unique and thoughtful gift ideas. Now, armed with these carefully selected items, you can build your own gift hamper. Make your loved ones' hearts flutter with joy as they cherish your personalized gesture for a lifetime. Happy gifting!



Q. What are some of the benefits of building your own gift hamper?

Creating your own gift hamper offers personalization that pre-made hampers can't match. You can tailor the hamper to perfectly fit the recipient's preferences. Additionally, it reflects your effort and thoughtfulness. It's also often more cost-effective than purchasing pre-packaged hampers.

Q. What are some tips for building a gift hamper?

Building a gift hamper involves understanding the recipient's likes and dislikes, choosing a relevant theme, including a variety of items in different sizes and price ranges, considering the presentation aesthetics, and adding a personal touch with a note.

Q. Where can I buy items for my gift hamper?

Items for custom gift hampers can be purchased from Advait Living. Their range of organic gifting products includes health-focused items like A2 Desi Cow Ghee, Lo Carb Nuts & Seed Mix, Clean skincare products such as the All Natural Rose Facial Cleanser among a host of other products suitable for gifting.

Q. Can I add my own homemade items to the hamper?

Absolutely! Adding homemade items to the hamper elevates its uniqueness and adds a personal touch. Whether it's homemade jam or a craft candle, these additions enhance the hamper's thoughtfulness.

Q. Can I build a hamper on a budget?

Indeed, personalized hampers can be built on a budget. You can control the cost by selecting items that fit within your financial limit. Advait Living offers products across a range of prices, enabling you to curate a meaningful hamper without straining your budget.

Q. How to make a luxury Gift hamper?

To make a luxury gift hamper, prioritize quality over quantity. Pick premium items that resonate with the recipient's preferences. Premium items from Advait Living such as A2 Desi Cow Ghee, Premium Kashmiri Kesar or Spiced Honey Gulkand can uplift your hamper. Presentation is key; use a stylish container, add decorative fillings, and wrap it elegantly. Make sure you peruse our 2023 Gift Guide for Luxry Gifting to help you with additional ideas on what to gift!

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