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Multigrain Atta | Freshly Milled Flour | Made From 5 Whole Grains

Multigrain Atta | Freshly Milled Flour | Made From 5 Whole Grains

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Multigrain atta (flour) is made by grinding 5 whole grains - Whole Wheat, Chickpea (black), Whole Green Gram, Makka & Flaxseed. These whole grains have their bran, endosperm and germ intact to ensure maximum retention of nutrition. Multigrain is naturally nutritious and filled with fibre, iron, complex carbohydrates and bioactive compounds among others. It may be beneficial for the heart, weight loss, lowering inflammation and aiding digestion.

Key Features of Advait Living Multigrain Atta:

5 Whole Grains: Advait Living’s multigrain atta contains five whole grains 

  • Whole wheat (40%), 
  • Black Chickpea (20%), 
  • Makka (corn) (20%), 
  • Whole Green Gram (15%), 
  • Flaxseeds (5%)

Rich in Natural Dietary Fibre: It is loaded with natural dietary fibre as the entire wheat kernels, including bran, germ, and endosperm; are used (for all the grains) in making this multigrain flour. And contains zero refined wheat or maida. 

Freshly Ground in Small Batches: To ensure the highest quality and freshness, our flour is freshly ground in small batches, only after you place an order. This process helps retain the rich flavours and nutritional value of the grains. 

Micronutrient-Rich: Loaded with essential micronutrients, our multigrain atta is an excellent source of dietary fibre, protein, iron, and complex carbohydrates, making it a powerhouse of nutrition.

Health Benefits: Improves digestion, beneficial for diabetics, boosts metabolism and immunity, supports heart health and weight loss.

Since the atta is only milled after you place an order, please allow 2 days for processing before we ship your order. 

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