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Multigrain Atta | Freshly Milled | 800 GM | Made From 5 Whole Grains

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Multigrain atta is made by grinding 5 whole grains - Whole Wheat, Chickpea (black), Whole Green Gram, Makka & Flaxseed. These whole grains have their bran, endosperm and germ intact to ensure maximum retention of nutrition. Multigrain is naturally nutritious and filled with fibre, iron, complex carbohydrates, bioactive compounds among others. It may be beneficial for heart, weight-loss, lowering inflammation and aids digestion.


Ingredients :

  • Whole Wheat
  •  Chickpea (black)
  • Whole Green Gram
  • Corn
  • Flaxseed



  • Freshly ground in small batches to ensure highest quality
  • Made from 5 whole grains
  • Loaded with micronutrients


Health Benefits :

  • Rich in dietary fibre and improves digestion
  • Beneficial for diabetics 
  • Rich source of protein and other micronutrients
  • Improves metabolism and immunity

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