Our Philosophy

At Advait Living we’re creating a movement back to wholesome foods, science-backed wisdom and being one with nature, to live in harmony with ourselves and nature - the 'advait' way of living. This is at the heart of everything we do.

Meenakshi Kishore


"Our soils and lands are at great risk today. Two of the biggest challenges facing humanity are climate change and food security. In these uncertain times, we need climate aware and sustainable growers to provide safe food that has a minimal negative impact on environment. Our regenerative farm is but a small step towards restored soils, bio-diversity, increased underground water-tables and building lost eco-systems. More critically, we will need to work together, to make these changes mainstream."

Sonu Mehrotra


"More than 60% of the work on a farm are done by women. They remain unsung, unheard and even unrecognised for the contributions they make. As a woman farmer myself, I bring voice to this community that largely remains in the shadow. Indeed I grow my own food to ensure the health of my family, and ensure a cleaner and safer future for all of us on the planet, that we share together."

Our regenerative farm