Recycle with Us!

Recycle Your Packaging!

We have partnered with 5rcycle Foundation In Mumbai to recycle dry waste and packaging material that would otherwise go to a landfill. 

To stay committed towards our efforts of creating a sustainable environment we have partnered with 5rcycle foundation, Mumbai, who are going to help us recycle our Asaya boxes thus promoting zero waste management. This collaboration would help us in getting our dry waste and packaging material recycled that otherwise would have gone to a landfill.




Process of recycling


Join hands with us in the process of recycling by following these easy steps mentioned below-


  1. Start with dropping us a quick WhatsApp message on 9084894625The message should have the following details-
Title – ‘Recycle Asaya Box’
Your Name
Your neighbourhood details 
  1. After receiving the message, we would get you registered with 5rcycle Foundation Collection Drive. (Alternatively, you can also get yourself registered with 5rcycle Foundation directly)
  1. Once the registration process is completed, 5rcycle would directly get in touch with you and share the waste collection date and details. 
  1. Post that all you are required to do is keep the Asaya box along with Advait Living’s empty packaging and other dry household waste ready for collection.

Special Request- Please take care that the waste that is to be given away weighs not less than 4-5 kilograms.

  1. The 5rcycle team would then come to your doorsteps and do a home pickup of that waste or you can simply drop these items at any of the collection centres of 5rcycle.

For more details check out the link of their website given below-

A list of items that can be recycled and given away to the 5rcycle team-

  • Asaya Box
  • Foam
  • Paper box cover of Kashmiri Kesar and Gulkand
  • Glass bottles
  • Advait Living Packaging (other material)

Check out a complete list of all the dry household waste items that can be recycled with 5rcycle foundation in the PDF attached below-

Let us together make Earth a cleaner and a better place to live.