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Spiced Honey Gulkand | Premium | 100% Natural | Refined Sugar-Free Gulkand | Sun Baked | Ayurvedic Remedy | Glass Bottle

Spiced Honey Gulkand | Premium | 100% Natural | Refined Sugar-Free Gulkand | Sun Baked | Ayurvedic Remedy | Glass Bottle

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Relive childhood memories with this handcrafted 100% Natural - Spiced Honey Gulkand (rose preserve).

How we make it? 

  • Made from rose petals: Fresh desi rose petals are hand picked and stone milled with rock sugar (a form of unrefined sugar) 
  • Sun-baked: sun-baked for 30-40 days. Unlike high-heat cooking, sun baking retains original flavour compounds present in the rose petals and slowly cooks them with the caramelised sugar to get just the right sweetness and texture. 
  • Sweetened with Raw Honey: We add purest form of raw honey, that is unpasteurised and only cold-filtered, to sweeten this rich preserve
  • Power packed with spices: Kashmiri kesar, elaichi, saunf and desi fresh betel leaves are added to provide additional digestive properties

Ayurvedic Remedy

  • AIDS IN DIGESTION: Gulkand preparations have been used traditionally used in Ayurveda and Unani system of medicines for centuries. It aids digestion as it is packed with dietary fibre and is a natural  carminative. It naturally reduces acidity and chest burning. Rose petals also act as mild laxative and helps with constipation and piles as well. Elaichi, saunf and betel leaf are also natural carminative, gastro-protective and anti-flatulent, all of which improve digestion. This rich fibrous  and chewy remedy also  stimulates the release of saliva that further helps in breaking down food enzymes, making it easy to digest. 
  • ACTS AS A COOLANT: Rose petals are natural coolants. Gulkand reduces excess heat from the body and removes lethargy, reduces fatigue and prevents sunburn. Common nosebleeds (in summers) for kids can also be treated with Gulkand
  • BENEFICIAL FOR SKIN: Gulkand is a powerful antioxidant and can detoxify the body. Rose petals, Raw Honey and Kesar help rejuvenate the skin and can reduce acne, pimples and blemishes. Gulkand has natural anti-inflammatory properties and also reduces bacterial growth due to the presence of citronellol, geraniol and nerol that have anti-microbial properties. 

Gulkand is an excellent alternative to sugary-based mixes for milk. Children will love it as well. Adults can consume it as a dessert or mouth freshener!


    • PInk damask roses
    • Misri (rock sugar)
    • Raw monofloral honey
    • Premium Kashmiri Kesar
    • Elaichi
    • Saunf
    • Desi Betel Leaves
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