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Wood Pressed Coconut Oil (नारियल का तेल) | Virgin | All Purpose Use

Wood Pressed Coconut Oil (नारियल का तेल) | Virgin | All Purpose Use

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Our cold pressed virgin coconut oil is made from farm fresh coconut kernels. They are cold pressed on a traditional stone-wooden chekku/ghani without any addition of any heat-solvents to obtain fresh and aromatic virgin coconut oil. Once the raw coconut oil is pressed, it is left to sediment for a couple of days before it is filtered by a cheese-cloth and packed in glass bottled.


  • Made from 100% farm fresh coconut kernels
  • Single pressed on wooden chekku to extract the maximum bio-active oil
  • No chemicals or heat solvents are added during the extraction process
  • Contains zero additives or preservatives
  • May have sediment deposit sometimes (natural to occur in raw & unrefined oil)

What is the difference between cold pressed and heat-solvent oils?

Recommended Use


Consume a spoonful of raw coconut oil early morning with a dash of cinnamon to get a metabolic boost. Or add a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil into your morning tea or coffee.


Good for oil pulling. Mix with cold pressed sesame oil for enhanced results.

USE FOR COOKING (Ideal for stirfry and deepfrying)

Cold pressed virgin coconut oil is highly heat stable and has a high smoke point, making it suitable for stirfrying or sautéing to even deep frying your ingredients.

With many skincare benefits, coconut oil can be used as a DIY hair mask, face wash, lip scrub, natural soap base, and more.


It is highly moisturising and has antibacterial properties. It also provides relief from rashes.

Glass Bottles

Our coconut oil is packed in high-quality glass bottles.

1. Unlike plastic, glass is one of the safest material to store food products for long. Glass has the unique ability of not interacting or leeching into the food and that keeps the ghee safe and pure for the longest time.

2. Our smart glass bottles are made from the highest quality glass raw material.

3. Once you oil is over, you can reuse these glass bottles to store any other items in your kitchen.

4. If you are locally-based (to our store), you can also bring these glass bottles to our store for a refill. All refills are eligible for a discount.

5. If by any chance your glass bottles break, you can send it for recycling. The best part is that glass can be recycled endlessly without any reduction in quality.

Sustainable Packaging

Our coconut oil is shipped in glass bottles across India. If you order only coconut oil, it will come in plastic-free packaging. However, if you order more items, besides the oil, we may sometimes use bubble-wraps, so as to reduce volumetric weight, and keep the shipping cost to the minimum.

Our commitment to sustainability remains our top priority. We request you to reuse the bubble-wraps or simply ship it back to us as we recycle all our packaging material.

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