Best  Luxury Diwali Gifts

2023 Gift Guide to 10 Amazing Luxury Diwali Gifts

Diwali denotes the dawn of the Hindu New Year and is one of the most important festival celebrated across the country. The festival is specially dedicated to the worship of Goddess Lakshmi, who symbolises wealth, beauty and prosperity. Traditionally, and since ancient times, people exchange gifts on Diwali with their loved ones with much warmth, love, affection and a prayer of prosperity for the recipient. Diwali Gifting is also considered auspicious and strengthens feeling of abundance both in the heart and mind. 

But Diwali gifting can be daunting especially, when each year, we look to give something bespoke yet useful. Finding gifts that marry elegance, luxury and functionality together would probably stump the most of us! Fear not, for our 2023  is here! Its packed with unique gift ideas to help you choose just the perfect gift for your brother/sister, in-laws or even your most esteemed clients, and there’s no better place to shop than Advait Living's curated premium gift collection. 


Diwali Gift Guide by Advait living

Explore our Āśaya Collection of 24-Carat Gold & Gourmet Gift Boxes

Āśaya (आशय) (Sanskrit)

(n): The seat of feelings, mind and heart. It is the abode where our deepest self resides. It also refers to our intent.  In buddhism, one's 'intention' shall lay the path to bodhisattva. Our bespoke Āśaya collection evokes a sense of beauty, harmony and wellbeing allowing you to pause, reflect and connect with nature. Experience 24-carat pure gold of intricate brilliance and our selection of finest gourmet ingredients that is sure to stir our souls and awaken a sense of beauty and self-love. Indulge in solitude while nourishing yourself with freshest produce grown organically and prepared with utmost care and traditionally using ancient ayurvedic sciences.

Choose one of the fabulous bespoke Advait Living's Āśaya boxes that is perfect for making Diwali utterly unique and elegant! 


1. Āśaya Luxury Pichwai Tea Gift Box

Āśaya Luxury Pichwai Tea Gift Box

Range: Rs. 3500-4500/-

The Āśaya Luxury Tea gift box epitomizes premium gifting, steeped in Indian culture. Each sip unfolds a tale of beauty, harmony, and wellness, evoking the essence of traditional India. The collection features motifs from long-standing and exquisite pichwai art that was devoted to Lord Krishna.

This curated ensemble offers delicate tea cups that are handcrafted and adorned with 24-carat gold to give a serene afternoon tea experience. It comes complete with high-grade loose-leaf black tea from Assam and raw monofloral honey. Two handcrafted brass-plated spoons add the final touch to this luxurious set.

The gift box becomes a tangible expression of emotions and intentions and promotes tranquility. For an unforgettable Diwali gift that blends tradition with luxury, choose our Āśaya Luxury Pichwai Tea Gift Box.

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2. Āśaya Luxury Dessert Gift Box

Āśaya Luxury Dessert Gift Box

Range: Rs. 3000-4000/-

Experience elegance and flavors with our Āśaya Luxury Dessert Box and serve in style!

Brighten your table with our exquisite 24-carat Gold 'Pichwai Kamal' serving platter, inspired by the iconic lotus from Shrinathji Temple, Rajasthan. This dessert stand adds timeless beauty to anyone's culinary presentation.

This gift box is unqiue and complete on it's own adding healthy mithaas (sweetness) to your gifting. Indulge in sun-baked spiced honey gulkand and highest grade Kashmiri kesar, perfect for crafting delectable home-made desserts like gulkand ladoos, rose dry fruit barfi, or kesar mithai.

Personalise these boxes with your name or company logo and make it the perfect gift for you on Diwali! Order now and serve desserts with opulence!

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3. Āśaya Luxury Solace Tea Gift Box

Āśaya Luxury Solace Tea Gift Box

Range: Rs. 4000-5000/-

Indulge in Elegance with the Āśaya Luxury Solace Tea Gift Box! Inspired by the grand 'Bundi' palace, this opulent gift set is a must-have for connoisseurs.

Sip like royalty with the flawless 24-carat Bundi Mahal Tea Cup, paired with our exclusive 'Rosella Exotica' loose leaf tea from Assam. Each sip exudes unparalleled luxury, complemented by our delectable raw & unpasteurized honey. Experience artistry with the 24-carat bundi mahal cookie plate and a handcrafted brass plated spoon. 

Thoughtfully curated with love, elevate tea rituals to new heights. Each box comes with detailed product & care information.

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4. Āśaya Luxury Beverage Gift Box

Āśaya Luxury Beverage Gift Box

Range: Rs. 2500-3500/-

Amidst countless Diwali gift ideas, our premium Āśaya beverage gift box shines with the delicate charm of the sadabahar flower, a tribute to India's timeless traditions. Unveil the treasures inside - an ethical raw monofloral honey and a rejuvenating moringa sattu mix, offering delightful morning kick-starts or elegant evening treats.

Enhancing the allure are two exquisite brass-plated spoons handcrafted by skilled artisans. With the essence of fine gourmet ingredients and Ayurvedic wisdom, this Āśaya box nourishes the soul and fosters a profound sense of beauty and love.

This Diwali, transcend ordinary gifting and express love and appreciation with our exquisite Āśaya collection. 

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5. Āśaya Luxury Tête-à-tête Tea Gift Box

Āśaya Luxury Tête-à-tête Tea Gift Box

Range: Rs. 4000-5000/-

Unlock the joy of intimate conversations with our Āśaya Tête-à-Tête Tea Gift Box. Inspired by the opulence of 'Bundi' palace, this elegant set is tailored for two, creating the perfect mood booster for private moments.

Enjoy the refined taste of our handcrafted loose leaf black tea, made from the finest grades of tea leaves, grown organically and hand rolled to perfection. Pair it with our delectable raw and unpasteurized honey, adding sweeter notes to your delightful tea experience.

The box features two 24-carat Gold bundi mahal tea cups, radiating elegance with every sip. It also includes product and care information and a custom gift tag for a personal touch.

Share the art of togetherness with the Āśaya Tête-à-Tête Tea Gift Box, a cherished gift blending tradition and elegance, leaving a lasting impression on your loved ones' hearts.

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Explore our Utsav Collection: Thoughtful Good Health Baskets

Utsava (उत्सव) (Sanskrit)

(n): Utsava means 'special occasion'. It is also referred to as 'Utsavam', a time to celebrate joyously. The feelings of deep appreciation, love, abundance and vicarious joy, or the pleasure that comes from delighting in other people's well-being or celebration of an event. 

For the year 2023, we are revisiting the timeless custom of gifting with a hint of modernity. Pick this beautiful and thoughtful basket of good health that effortlessly strikes a balance between indulgence and wellness.   

6. Premium Utsav Gourmet Gift Basket

Premium Utsav Gourmet Gift Basket

Range: Rs. 3000-4000/-

Experience the delight of the Premium Utsav Gourmet Gift Hamper - a celebration of exquisite tastes and thoughtful gifting! Handmade by skilled artisans, our 'Utsav' baskets are a treasure trove of nutrient-dense whole foods, customized to your preferences.

Indulge in the abundance of offerings from A2 desi cow ghee, cold pressed sesame oil to virgin coconut oil, each brimming with healthy benefits. Savor the handcrafted & artisanal rose tea and relish the rich flavors of raw monofloral honey and spiced honey gulkand. Discover the charm of heirloom black rice, adding tradition to your table.

Consider our premium Utsav gourmet gift basket either gifts for your family or even as a way to sway your foreign delegates or clients! You would love to show your love for India's authentic farm produce and flavours! 

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7. Classic Utsav Gourmet Gift Basket

Classic Utsav Gourmet Gift Basket

Range: Rs. 2000-2500/-

Experience care with our luxurious Utsav Gourmet Gift Hamper by Advait Living! This curated Diwali gift harmonizes nutrient-dense whole foods in a charming handcrafted basket.

The 'Utsav' basket, crafted by artisans, cradles nourishing treats like cold-pressed mustard and groundnut oil. Indulge in raw monofloral honey, multigrain flour, and heirloom red wheat dalia for wholesome nourishment and much more. Complete it with a stylish Diwali greeting card with a personalised message. 

Gift the essence of care this Diwali with our Classic Utsav Gourmet Gift Basket. 

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8. Nourish Your Skin: Diwali Gift Hamper

Nourish Your Skin: Diwali Gift Hamper

Range: Rs. 2000-2500/-

Presented in a beautifully designed brocade tray, our 'nourish your skin' hamper holds an assortment of stunning personal care products that are gentle and made of super nourishing ingredients. Pamper your loved ones with the goodness of cold pressed virgin coconut and castor oil, Ayurvedic ubtan bath powder, all natural rose facial cleanser, and Ayurvedic hair nutri mask.

This hamper conveys an intent and wish "I care, you're in my thoughts." Let your loved ones revel in the joy of self-care and embrace the beauty of natural ingredients. Order now and spread the joy of radiance this Diwali!

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9. Essential Wellness Gift Box 

Essential Wellness Gift Box

Range: Rs. 1000-1500/-

Choose health and wellness this Diwali with our beautiful wellness box - a gift curated with love that will truly nourish you. This delightful curation has a range of premium and virgin cold pressed oils, all of them made traditionally and with goodness oozing out of each one of them. These will add aroma, flavour and deliciousness to your Diwali delicacies. 

Packed in an exquisite bright yellow gift box, this thoughtful present is perfect for the festival of lights. Personalize the 'Happy Diwali' gift tag with your name or company logo for a special touch. It's not just a present, it's a gesture of love and care.

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10. Energy Boost Gift Hamper

Energy Boost Gift Hamper

Range: 1500-2000/-

Our 'Mise-En-Place' sustainable hamper collection is for the discerning and acer chefs!

Explore ingredients at its finest. Indulge in pure, raw and refreshing produce that has been grown with care and processed with a lot of love. Each item is selected carefully to shower you with good energy and essential nutrients. Moreover our sustainable and classy jute organiser will hold a special place in your loved ones' hearts forever.

Available in yellow or pink colour, our Mise-En-Place Energy Boost Gift Hamper is a perfect Diwali gift. Celebrate a healthier Diwali with this versatile and thoughtful gift. 

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Now that you've seen some of the most special Advait Living curation, it's time to start shopping! Grab a cup of joy and enjoy filling your basket (or cart) with the most festive gift finds for this year's Diwali celebration!



Q. What is Diwali, and why is it celebrated with gifts?

Diwali, often referred to as the festival of lights, is a major cultural event in India. It represents the victory of good over evil, depicted through Lord Rama's return to his kingdom after vanquishing the demon Ravana. Gifts are exchanged during Diwali as a gesture of love, gratitude, and respect, facilitating stronger relationships and spreading joy.

Q. What is the significance of luxury Diwali gifts?

Luxury Diwali gifts are a modern adaptation of traditional gift-giving practices. They blend indulgence, practicality, and elegance. With items ranging from gourmet foods to wellness products, these gifts move beyond mere material value. They serve as a thoughtful gesture, demonstrating care and consideration for the receiver's health, taste, and personal aesthetics. 

Q. How do I choose the perfect luxury Diwali gift?

Choosing the perfect luxury Diwali gift involves understanding the recipient's tastes and lifestyle. A well-chosen gift could be a luxurious tea box for a tea enthusiast or a gourmet gift hamper for a foodie. Health-conscious individuals may appreciate an Ayurvedic skincare hamper or premium superfoods. The idea is to align the gift with the recipient's interests. You can peruse unique Diwali gifting options with Advait Living.

Q. Where can I purchase these luxury Diwali gifts?

Luxury Diwali gifts can be purchased directly our Advait Living's website. We offer a diverse selection of luxury gifts, each combining traditional values with a touch of contemporary elegance. Whether it's gourmet gift boxes, wellness hampers, or high-end lifestyle products, there's a wide variety to choose from.

Q. Can I customise the Gift Hampers?

You can personalise the 'Happy Diwali' greeting card with your name or company logo to make your gift extra special. Please reach our team to help you with your requirements. The items of gift baskets can be rearranged, but remember to place your order at least 30-60 days in advance to give us ample time for customisations.

Q. Is this gift suitable for personal use or corporate gifting?

The Gift Hampers are versatile and suitable for both personal use and corporate gifting. It's a thoughtful present for special occasions like Diwali, anniversaries, birthdays, housewarmings, or as a token of appreciation for your employees or business partners.

Q. Is the rope basket reusable?

Yes, the rope basket is not only a beautiful addition to the gift hamper but also a versatile organiser that can be reused for various purposes. Its multipurpose design ensures that your loved ones can enjoy it even after they have used the items in the hamper.

Q. How will the hamper be shipped?

We try to reduce our carbon fotprint and where possible ensure our packaging and shipping is sustainable. Most of our gift boxes and hampers can be shipped plastic-free to minimise our environmental impact. 

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