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Premium Kashmiri Kesar | 2gm | Glass Bottle

Premium Kashmiri Kesar | 2gm | Glass Bottle

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Discovered in greece, and planted worldwide, it is said that saffron arrived in Kashmir in the 12th century, when two traveling sufi saints — Khawaja Masood Wali and Sheikh Sharif-u-din Wali, presented a crocus bulb to a local chieftain after he cured them of an illness. Since then, it has been a symbol of healing & strength and it's health benefits resound throughout history.  Even Alexander, the great, is said to have used it to heal battle wounds!

Kashmiri Kesar (saffron) is one of the most potent saffron varieties available in the world. It is highly aromatic and flavourful. Our kesar comes directly from the farmers in Kashmir who hand-harvest these carefully once every year in October in really small quantities as it is one of the tougher crops to grow. It is grown naturally without chemicals & preservatives and is graded to keep the highest quality threads only.


Dark red trumpet shaped threads, no yellow threads

Long full threads, no crushed saffron

Releases golden hue colour slowly when infused in water or milk

Retains it's red colour till it lasts

Highly aromatic and flavourful


Take 20-30 ml of lukewarm water or milk (85 Degrees at least)

Add 3-4 threads (full or crushed) of Kashimiri Kesar

Soak the threads in liquid for at least 20 mins

Use this infusion to season dishes or drink daily for health benefits

Saffron threads can be soaked overnight as well for more colour and flavour

Can be used daily for optimal results

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