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A2 Desi Cow Ghee | Certified A2 Milk | A2 Vedic Bilona Cow Ghee | Made from 'Dahi'

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 Our A2 Desi Cow ghee is made from certified A2 milk at our dairy farm in Rajasthan. 

A2 Desi Ghee gets its name from the A2 protein found in only few of the breeds of cattle. In India, these are easily found in the indigenous breeds of cows.

Our A2 desi ghee is prepared from certified A2 milk that comes from desi cows such as Gir, Raathi, Karkraj & Tharparkar (गिर गाय, राठी , कर्कराज, थारपारकर) which are very common in remote parts of Rajasthan. These cows are mostly pasture-raised and naturally well-yielding. The desi cows are not given hormone-boosting (ex: oxytocin) injections either.

A2 Desi Cow Ghee Features

  • Made with 100% certified A2 cow milk
  • Made from 'dahi' (curd) and not 'cream'
  • Prepared using the traditional bilona method, the churning of curd bi-directionally to separate butter from the curd before getting the ghee
  • Our milk comes from desi cows that include Gir, Raathi, Karkraj & Tharparkar
  • No hormone-inducing drugs are given to our cows

Recommended Use

A2 Cow's Ghee is recommended for daily consumption as it has many health benefits. It is easier to digest, has beta-carotene, has plant-based iodine, is packed with omega3 & 6, and is an excellent source of fat-soluble vitamins and healthy fatty acids.

Daily consumption of one to two teaspoons of cow’s ghee along with rice, roti, khichdi, etc improves the digestion process, improves absorption of nutrients from food, lubricates large intestines and prevents constipation.

It is highly recommended for pregnant women and infants of 6 months and above.

Glass Bottles

Our ghee is packed in high-quality glass bottles.

1. Unlike plastic, glass is one of the safest material to store food products for long. Glass has the unique ability of not interacting or leeching into the food and that keeps the ghee safe and pure for the longest time.

2. Our smart glass bottles are made from the highest quality glass raw material.

3. Once you ghee is over, you can reuse these glass bottles to store any other items in your kitchen.

4. If you are locally-based (to our store), you can also bring these glass bottles to our store for a refill. All refills are eligible for a discount.

5. If by any chance your glass bottles break, you can send it for recycling. The best part is that glass can be recycled endlessly without any reduction in quality.

Sustainable Packaging

Ghee is shipped in glass bottles across India. If you order only ghee, it will come in plastic-free packaging. However, if you order more items, besides ghee, we may sometimes use bubble-wraps, so as to reduce volumetric weight, and keep the shipping cost to the minimum.

Our commitment to sustainability remains our top priority. We request you to reuse the bubble-wraps or simply ship it back to us as we recycle all our packaging material.

Customer Reviews

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  • Why is 'dahi' ghee better than 'cream' ghee?

    1. 'Dahi' ghee is made by first fermenting the milk. The conversion of milk to curd makes it a probiotic and gut-friendly. 'Dahi' ghee is also completely lactose-free and butyrate rich. 2. Cream ghee only uses the fat of the milk whereas dahi ghee uses all of milk and hence all available bio-active compounds making it far more nutrient-dense.

  • Why is A2 Ghee so expensive?

    A2 Cow Ghee is made from 25-30Litres of pure cow milk unlike ghee which is made from cream or powder. Further, cow milk has lower fat % and yields (unlike buffalo milk) making it more expensive.

  • What is the shelf life of A2 Ghee?

    Our best before recommendation is 6 months from manufacturing date. However, you can safely use it till it does not discolour or go rancid. Store in fridge (before opening) to increase shelf life.

  • Is your ghee certified organic?

    Our ghee is not certified organic. However, our ghee is clinically tested. The latest reports for its purity, chemical-free and adulteration-free are available on request.

  • Is your ghee same as 'clarified butter'?

    Our A2 ghee is not 'clarified butter'. Clarified butter is a factory-made product. Our ghee is handcrafted and made at our farms.

  • Can I use Ghee in baking?

    Yes, you can. Ghee can be an excellent replacement for butter due to its high smoke point as well as the healthy vitamins and fats it contains.You can bake or roast even meats and seafood in ghee. Ghee oil brushing during Barbeque renders excellent ghee-coal flavours.

  • What is the ideal ghee texture?

    Different ghee will have different texture. Some are grainy, some are creamy and others are smooth. Granules (danedaar ghee) are one of the quality consideration of ghee. Typically, granules are formed due to the presence of higher melting saturated fatty acids, especially palmitic & stearic. Large and thick granules are a result of high-temperatures. Artisanal ghee will usually have soft, medium-sized and evenly distributed granules that are a result of slow-cooling process to obtain ghee.

  • Why does the ghee consistency change?

    'Dahi' ghee will be more liquid and softer as compared to more commercially available ghee. However, the ghee will change consistency (become more solid) due to changes in ambient temperature. In winters or if stored in the fridge, the ghee will become more solid. However, it will still remain soft and easy to scoop out. Storage of ghee will also play an important role in its consistency. Changes in temperature (room temperature to fridge and back) will affect its overall consistency. But this will not impact the quality of the ghee.

  • Are you accepting international orders?

    Regretfully, we haven't started shipping internationally yet. However, we will announce formally once we start.