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Cold Pressed Mustard Oil (सरसों का तेल) | Raw & Unrefined | Heart-healthy

Cold Pressed Mustard Oil (सरसों का तेल) | Raw & Unrefined | Heart-healthy

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Our mustard oil is made from farm grown black mustard seeds. Highest quality and graded mustard seeds are cold pressed without addition of any heat-solvents to obtain fresh and aromatic virgin mustard oil. Once the raw mustard oil is pressed, it is left to sediment for a couple of days before it is filtered by a cheese-cloth and packed in glass bottled.


  • Made from 100% black mustard seeds
  • Single farm origin (grown and processed at our regenerative farm)
  • Single pressed to extract the maximum bio-active oil
  • No chemicals or heat solvents are added during the extraction process
  • Contains zero additives or preservatives
  • May have sediment deposit sometimes (natural to occur in raw & unrefined oil)


  • Aromatic (no strong pungency)
  • Naturally heat stable (suitable for all types of cooking)
  • Naturally bio-active (nutrient-densed)

Recommended Use

USE FOR COOKING (Ideal for stirfry and deepfrying)

Cold pressed virgin mustard oil is highly heat stable and has a high smoke point, making it suitable for stirfrying or sautéing to even deep frying your ingredients.

With many skincare benefits, virgin mustard oil can be used for body massage, and hair oil.


Traditionally cold pressed mustard oil has been used for infant massage. Contains anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Glass bottles

Our mustard oil is packed in high-quality glass bottles.

1. Unlike plastic, glass is one of the safest material to store food products for long. Glass has the unique ability of not interacting or leeching into the food and that keeps the oil safe and pure for the longest time.

2. Our smart glass bottles are made from the highest quality glass raw material.

3. Once you oil is over, you can reuse these glass bottles to store any other items in your kitchen.

4. If you are locally-based (to our store), you can also bring these glass bottles to our store for a refill. All refills are eligible for a discount.

5. If by any chance your glass bottles break, you can send it for recycling locally in your city. The best part is that glass can be recycled endlessly without any reduction in quality.

Outstation shipping

Local Delivery Available - AGRA & NEW DELHI

REST OF INDIA - Our 1 Ltr mustard oil is shipped in plastic bottles across India. This is because our 1Ltr oil bottles are made of fragile glass and have got damaged multiple times. We are looking for alternates and will shift soon to better solutions. Till then, please bear with us!

Our commitment to sustainability remains our top priority. We request you to reuse the plastic bottles and bubble-wraps or simply ship it back to us as we recycle all our packaging material.

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Customer Reviews

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  • Do authentic mustard oils have a strong pungent smell?

    The pungent smell of mustard oil is due to the presence of allyl isothiocyanate, a naturally occurring essential oil in mustard. However, the strength of pungency depends upon the seed and extraction process. In our experience, cold pressed mustard oil does not have ultra strong pungency. It would instead have a mild to medium pungency that is more aromatic than irritable to the eye. 

  • What is the difference between 'kachi ghani' & 'cold pressed'?

    'Kachi ghani' refers to cold pressing methods (ideally). So it essentially means the same. Moreover, it would be more ideal to check if the extraction method used any 'heat-solvents' or refining processes post extraction. Cold pressed oils would usually be 'first and single pressed', with no 'heat-solvents', and would not be refined post extraction. Such oils are raw, unrefined and naturally sedimented. They would be free from chemicals, additives, preservatives or any bleding (mixing of oils) as well.

  • Do you use black or yellow mustard seeds for the oil? 

    We use 100% black mustard seed grown on our own regenerative farms that are pressed in-house to extract oil.

  • What is the shelf life?

    Cold pressed oils are best consumed fresh. Our suggested best before date is 6 months. However, the oil can easily be used for much longer, just keep a check on changes in smell and change the oil if the smell goes bad.

  • How do you use cold pressed mustard oil?

    Cold pressed mustard oil can be used in cooking, sautéing vegetables, and deep-frying. It can also be used as a preserve for pickles and chutneys. Cold pressed mustard oil is also great for skin&hair care and even body massage.

  • Do I need to heat the mustard oil before cooking?

    Cold pressed mustard oil can be used raw as well. Heating the oil to smoke points destroys the nutrients of the oil, so we do not recommend it.

  • Is cold pressed mustard oil better than normal (refined) mustard oil?  

    Studies have shown that cold pressed oils have higher nutrition than refined oils. Cold pressed oils are nutrient-packed and all bio-active compounds are available. Our cold pressed oils do not contain any toxic solvent residues, or any chemicals, additives or preservatives. They are free from any blending as well.

  • My cold pressed oil is creating a fizz/foam. Is that normal?

    Cold pressed oils may sometimes create foam or fizz while cooking. This is because fresh cold pressed oils may have some moisture present in it. It is by no means rancid or bad. The moisture gets heated and evaporates and you can continue cooking. The quality of oil is not compromised.

  • Why are cold pressed oils more expensive than normal oils?

    Cold pressed methods have significantly lower extraction yield which impacts the cost of oil. Cold pressed yields 33% (approx) oil vs heat-solvent extracts upto 70% oil. Read more about extraction method.

  • What are the ingredients? Is it blended with any other oil?

    We use 100% black mustard seeds. No blending or mixing is done.

  • Do you have bigger packing of mustard oil available?

    Yes, we have 5Ltrs and 15Lrs pack available. Drop us a whatsapp text on 90848 94625 to enquire or order bigger packaging.

  • Are there any value saver schemes for mustard oil?

    Yes, you can avail a monthly subscription at discounted rates. Drop us a whatsapp text on 90848 94625 to enquire.