Celebrate Holi

With Our Natural & Safe Organic Holi Range

Organic Holi

This Holi festival, revel in utmost joy and without any worry, for our organic Holi gulals and 100%...

This Holi festival, revel in utmost joy and without any worry, for our organic Holi gulals and 100% natural watercolour that gently caress your skin and keep you safe. Made from flowers and vegetables, our Holi range is completely free from synthetic dyes, artificial perfumes, chemicals or any nasties! You will love the beautiful pastels that will roll in the change of season with a bit of song & dance. Lab-tested and 100% natural, these are safe for the earth too! 

Our healthy unsweetened thandai powder is an easy DIY kit to mix and serve your guests at Holi parties for a rich and delicious refreshment. And, don't forget our special gift hampers! These make for beautiful and thoughtful gifts for your loved ones this festive season.

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What's So Special About Advait Living's Organic Holi Range?

100% Natural

Made from plant-based ingredients, our holi range is 100% natural and free from any harmful additives.

No Nasties

No synthetic dyes, no artificial perfumes, no chemicals or harmful preservatives.


Lab-tested and certified safe so that you can be worry-free. Safe for skin, safe for kids, safe for animals.

Pastel Shades

Beautiful pastel shades that reflect natural hues.

Unique Range

Bringing to you our heartfelt range of premium holi products that will take care of all your holi requirements.


Handcrafted by farmers, the ingredients are 100% compostable, and are shipped plastic-free.

Empowers Farmers

Every purchase helps support micro-farmers and sustainable agriculture.


None of our products are tested on animals.

Truly made our celebration so much more colourful!

"Thank you so much for the gulals. We used them for haldi celebrations at our wedding. They were beautiful and amazing. And no-one had any issues. They came off easily. I am sooo happy with them. They truly made the whole celebrations so much more colourful and fun."

Anushka Salini, Kerala

Allow our ingredients to gently nourish you inside & out

Blush Pink Gulal is made with rose petals, beetroot and essential oils

Bright Orange gulal is made with marigold flowers, turmeric & essential oils

Sky Blue gulal is made with orchid flowers, natural indigo and essential oils

Tangy Orange gulal is made with turmeric, rose, marigold and beetroot

Majith Liquid colour is made with extracts from majith, rose & beetroot

Tesu Liquid colour is made with extracts from tesu flowers, marigold and turmeric

Our 100% natural unsweetened thandai powder has zero added sugar or sweeteners. It has nuts, seeds, spices & rose petals

9 Reasons to Choose From Our Organic Holi Collection

Celebrate this Holi with our premium holi range that promises to be safe, clean, nourishing and sustainable, making your Holi celebrations more joyful, colourful and earth-friendly.

1. Traditionally Made:

Handmade, sun-baked and cold-processed in the most traditional way (not mass-produced), our range of holi is deeply rooted in ancient traditions and wisdom.

2. Made from Flowers and Vegetables:

Our entire Holi range is plant-powered and made from edible ingredients such as flowers & vegetables. Even our thandai powder is made from real dry fruits, with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

3. Lab Tested:

Lab-tested to ensure safety first for you and your children. Free from synthetic dyes, artificial perfumes, chemicals, preservatives or any nasties!

4. Gentle on Skin & Hair:

Our pastel gulals and natural water colours are reflections of the season's blooms with tesu, rose, majith, marigolds and more. They are extremely gentle and will not damage your skin and hair.

5. Stain-Free:

Our pastel gulals and even watercolours can be easily washed off with just water and not leave a stain. However, our plant-extracted watercolours will ever so gently colour themselves on your clothes.

6. Health Focused:

Our unsweetened thandai powder is a powerhouse of nutrient-dense nuts, seeds and spices. It is 100% unsweetened with no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners and no preservatives of any kind.

7. Thoughtful Holi Gift Hampers:

Gift your loved ones a sweet Holi postcard or a luxurious self-care Holi hamper. We have attractive choices to suit a wide range of requirements.

8. Customize With Us:

Can’t find something specific to meet your needs? Just give our team a call. We will customize according to your occasion and budgets.

9. Earth Friendly:

Our entire range of holi is made from edible ingredients sourced from micro-farmers. They are 100% compostable, earth friendly and safe for animals. It is shipped in plastic-free outer packaging as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our Holi colours are crafted from organic flowers and vegetables, making them free from harmful chemicals. They are skin-friendly, ensuring a safe and enjoyable celebration for everyone.
We prioritize sustainability by offering compostable and recyclable Holi gulals and liquid colours. Our commitment to the environment extends to every aspect, from ingredients to packaging, leaving behind a minimal environmental footprint. environmentally friendly?
Yes, they are! Our liquid colours are made from only edible flowers and vegetables, ensuring they are completely safe for use by your children. It will be a unique and delightful addition to your Holi festivities.
Our DIY Thandai kit includes unsweetened thandai powder, spiced honey gulkand, and raw monofloral honey. It provides a complete and enriching Holi beverage experience. The kit is carefully curated to offer a premium, natural, and health-conscious choice for your festive celebrations. It serves up to 5-6 glasses.
Yes, we absolutely do! We take orders for customised hampers made specially for your family and friends and also bulk orders for private and corporate events. Call us or WhatsApp at 9084894625 to enquire and place your orders.
Holi Colours, made from industrial dyes and pigments, are highly toxic to the environment as they may burn plants in the vicinity and these leech in under-ground waters when washed off. The impact remains for months/years together. Our water colours are made from edible agricultural produce that are 100% safe to its immediate environment and under-ground water. Moreover, they need very little water to wash off and hence save water as well.
Yes, our Thandai powder itself is unsweetened. We add Zero Sugar, Zero Artificial Sweeteners and Absolutely No Preservatives. It is also completely healthy for kids to drink it. The Thandai powder is made from fresh nuts, seeds and spices sourced from regenerative farms. The Thandai gift box and the DIY kit comes with our Raw Monofloral Honey and Gulkand separately for those who want to sweeten it.
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