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Holi Sammelan Festive Potli

Holi Sammelan Festive Potli

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  • 100% Natural Gulals
  • Festive
  • Budget Friendly
  • Handcrafted
  • Zero Synthetic Dyes
  • Unique Gift


  • Free Shipping on Holi orders above Rs. 1000. Use Code - SafeHoli24

Celebrate Holi the traditional way this year with our Holi Sammelan Potlis specially curated as gifts or return gifts for your friends and family. These exquisite festive potlis contain two assorted 100% natural, organic gulal pouches and are just perfect favours for all your Holi parties and Holi milans. 

Inside each potli:

  • Set of two organic gulals (100 gms x 2)

What's so special about our Holi Gulals?

  • Zero synthetic dyes
  • Gentlest on dkin!
  • Washes off easily. Leaves no stain!
  • Lab-tested & cruelty-free
  • 100% Natural and organic
  • Safe for kids

Potli colour is subject to availability from red, blue, yellow and pink. Similarly, gulal colours are subject to availability from any of these - Blush pink, sky blue, tangy orange, bright yellow.

Plastic-free shipping: Potli material ranges from tissue to mixed material (depending upon availability). Our gulals are 100% compostable and packed in paper packaging. The outer packaging is without plastic and in compostable corrugated packaging, making it even more earth-friendly!

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Ordering Advait's Holi Sammelan Potlis for our occasion was a breeze. From the initial inquiry to the final delivery, the team was exceptionally accommodating and responsive. The quality of the potlis and the organic gulals were really good. I highly recommend Advait's products to anyone looking for high-quality, eco-friendly options for their events.


It's hard to come across products that honour our cultural heritage these days. The potlis definitely made an impression and our guests were happy with the thoughtful gift. Kudos to the team!

Gautam Kumar

Hosting a Holi party can be overwhelming, but Advait's Holi Sammelan Potlis made it very easy as far as the return gifts were concerned. They came in pretty packaging and reached us on time. The beautifully packed potlis and the gulals were an instant hit with our guests. Convenient and value for price!

Divya Saxena

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Introducing Advait's Holi Sammelan Potlis, a delightful nod to tradition this festive season. Inside each vibrant potli, discover two assorted 100% natural gulals in pastel hues, embodying the spirit of Holi. These festive potlis make for perfect gifts or return favours for your celebrations. 

Our Premium Organic Holi Gulals without any harsh chemicals are lab-tested, hand-made colours. They are traditionally crafted using 100% flowers and vegetables, ensuring they are gentle, safe, and soft to the touch. 

The colours of the potlis and gulals may vary, ensuring a delightful surprise with every gift. Our gulals come in 4 pretty pastel shades - Bright Yellow, Sky Blue, Blush Pink or Tangy Orange and the potlis come in a range of colours from pink, blue, yellow and red & more.

Sustainability at Heart:

You can compost our gulals at home without any fear. They are free of nasties and will decompose naturally, just like the flowers do. 

The cloth potli’s are a keepsake and can be reused to store things or gift bags. Simply place your gift item in these bags and see them transform into pretty gifts.

Celebrate Holi authentically, cherishing our cultural heritage with Advait's Holi Sammelan Potlis. 

Making Process

Our Premium Organic Holi Gulals without any harsh chemicals are lab-tested, hand-made gulals. They are traditionally crafted using 100% flowers and vegetables, ensuring they are gentle, safe, and soft to the touch. 

We carefully select fresh, seasonal ingredients from sustainable micro-farmers. These ingredients are added into water to extract natural hues. These extracts are added to arrowroot starch as our base and drops of essential oils are incorporated into the mixture at the end. Once the blend is fully dried, we conscientiously package them in sustainable materials for your enjoyment.

Our gulals come in pastel shades because we don't use any synthetic dyes to make them. Synthetic dyes or pigments are commonly used to get bright or shiny colours and textures. 


100% natural and eco-friendly ingredients:

  • Blush Pink: Rose petals, beetroot and rose water. 
  • Bright Yellow: Marigold flowers & turmeric & essential oils.
  • Sky Blue: Orchid flowers, and natural indigo & essential oils. 
  • Tangy Orange: Tesu flower, raw turmeric, beetroot, rose and essential oils.

Our base is arrowroot starch and wheat flour.



Despatched within 2 working days from the date of order. Please estimate 3-6 working days for the courier to reach you. Please place your orders well in advance to not miss getting the beautiful Holi range on time!


We regret to inform you that we do not accept returns. However, any damage during transit will be replaced. Please do read our return and refund policies.

How To Use?

With Advait's Holi Sammelan Potlis, celebrate the festival of colours in a meaningful and eco-friendly way, spreading happiness wherever they go. Here are some great ideas for our potlis:

  1. Gift Ideas: Present these vibrant potlis as thoughtful gifts to friends, family, and colleagues during the festive season of Holi. They make perfect tokens of affection, spreading joy and colour.
  2. Return Gifts: Hosting a Holi party or milan? These potlis are ideal as return favours for your guests. Show appreciation for their presence with these eco-friendly, organic gulal pouches packed in festive potlis.
  3. Corporate Gifting: Impress clients, partners, and employees with these unique Holi gifts. They convey your commitment to sustainability and cultural celebration while fostering goodwill.
  4. Community Events: Share the spirit of Holi with your community by distributing these potlis at local gatherings, cultural events or festive drives. Encourage unity and festive cheer.
  5. School Celebrations: Engage students and teachers in the joy of Holi by gifting these potlis as prizes for competitions, rewards for achievements, or tokens of appreciation.

Personalized Touch: Consider adding personalized notes or messages to each potli to make the gesture even more special and memorable for the recipient.


Have questions? We've got answers! Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for all the info you need. Find solutions, tips, and more to make your experience smoother.

What do these Holi Sammelan Potlis contain?

Holi Sammelan Potlis are festive pouches containing two assorted100% natural, organic gulal pouches, perfect for celebrating the joyful festival of colours.

What colours are available in the gulal pouches?

The gulal colours vary and are subject to availability. They may include bright yellow, sky blue, blush pink, or tangy orange.

What colours are available for the potlis themselves?

The potlis come in various colours, including pink, blue, yellow, and red, subject to availability.

How much gulal is in each pouch?

Each gulal pouch contains 100 grams, ensuring an ample supply for vibrant Holi celebrations.

Are the gulals organic and natural?

Yes, both gulals included in the potlis are 100% natural and organic, made from fresh flowers and vegetables from our regenerative farm, providing a safe and eco-friendly way to enjoy Holi festivities. We don't add any chemicals or synthetic dyes to them.

Are the potlis eco-friendly?

We're committed to sustainability, and our potlis are reusable and are shipped plastic-free, minimizing environmental impact.

Can I customize the potlis for my event or occasion?

Yes, you can. Our colourful potlis make versatile gifts suitable for various celebrations and occasions. Please reach our team via email at or drop us a message on WhatsApp (+91 9084894625) and they will help you with your requirements.

Are these potlis suitable for corporate gifting?

Yes, our Holi Sammelan Potlis are an excellent choice for corporate gifting, showcasing your company's commitment to sustainability and cultural celebration.

Can I purchase these potlis in bulk for a large event?

Absolutely! We offer bulk purchasing options to accommodate events of any size. Please contact us for more information on bulk orders. Reach our team via email at or drop us a message on WhatsApp (+91 9084894625) and our team will get back to you to help you with your requirements.

Holi Sammelan Potlis For Return Gifts!

Our Holi Potlis are the perfect return gifts for your guests this Holi season! These potlis are the perfect blend of tradition and elegance. These exquisite potlis each contain 2 pouches of our Premium Organic and 100% Natural Holi Gulals. The cloth potlis are tied with a pretty golden thread giving them a festive look. They are a keepsake for your guests and can be reused to store things or gift bags.

Inside the potlis, the gulals can be of any two colours based on their availability - Blush pink, sky blue, tangy orange or bright yellow. Each pouch contains 100 gms of a pretty pastel shade gulal meant to spread joy and love. These gulals are made from fresh flowers and vegetables grown on our regenerative farm. The ingredients are handpicked, sundried and ground into a fine powder with only essential oils added for their fragrance. 

There are no synthetic dyes used while making our gulals. Hence they come in unique, soft pastel shades instead of glaring bright colours. These gulals are gentle on your skin and the earth! They are 100% compostable and recyclable, thus leaving no bad waste behind.

We also have the potlis in four different colours - red, pink, yellow and blue. The colours of the potlis are also subject to availability. However, we can accommodate your choices regarding the colours of potlis and gulals based on availability and time of order. So please feel free to reach our team via email ( or WhatsApp (+91 9084894625). We'll be happy to help you customise your orders for you!

Each potli is priced at Rs 395 and can be ordered as a single piece or in bulk. You can order as many potlis for return gifts as you need, packed beautifully for corporate events, intimate Holi parties, Haldi ceremonies, etc.