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Āśaya Dessert Box | Luxury Gifting Box | 24-Carat Gold | Perfect For All Occasions

Āśaya Dessert Box | Luxury Gifting Box | 24-Carat Gold | Perfect For All Occasions

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Āśaya Luxury Gifting Box | Dessert Box | 24-Carat Gold

Serve in style! Brighten up your table with our 'Pichwai Kamal' serving platter. This dessert stand features the iconic lotus that is inspired from the centuries old paintings in Shrinathji Temple in Nathdwara, Rajasthan. Our sun-baked spiced honey gulkand and highest grade kashmiri kesar are perfect ingredients for home-made desserts including gulkand ladoos, rose dry fruit barfi or kesar mithai.

This gift box contains:
  • 24-carat Gold Pichwai Kamal Serving Platter (8x5.5 inch)
  • One box of artisanal 'Spiced Honey Gulkand' (230gms)
  • One box of Premium Kashimiri Kesar (1gm)
  • Product & care information
  • Customised gift tag

Get your gift boxes personalised with your message and name. Drop us a whatsapp message on #9084894625 for more details. 


Āśaya (आशय)(Sanskrit)

Amidst the dialects of the 'gharanas',
the charm of the 'lehengas',
and the soul-stirring magnanimity of the traditions,
In Nathdwara; Rajasthan, originated Pichwai,

Breathtakingly beautiful 400 years old traditional style of painting!

(n): The seat of feelings, mind and heart. It is the abode where our deepest self resides. It also refers to our intent.  In buddhism, one's 'intention' shall lay the path to bodhisattva.

Our bespoke Āśaya collection evokes a sense of beauty, harmony and wellbeing allowing you to pause, reflect and connect with nature. Experience 24-carat pure gold of intricate brilliance and our selection of finest gourmet ingredients that is sure to stir our souls and awaken a sense of beauty and self-love. Indulge in solitude while nourishing yourself with freshest produce grown organically and prepared with utmost care and traditionally using ancient ayurvedic sciences.

(Āśaya is a collaboration between Advait Living Farms & Namrata Kedia Design)

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