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12 Unique Corporate Gifts That Stand Out in a Post-Pandemic World

In the post-pandemic era, the art of corporate gifting has evolved beyond mere gestures, it has become an opportunity to show genuine care, thought, and creativity. As the world adjusts to new norms, corporate gifting takes on a whole new level of significance. It's about celebrating resilience, fostering connections, and appreciating the collective journey we've been through.

In this article, we present a handpicked selection of 12 exceptional corporate gift ideas from Advait Living that align with health-consciousness and personalisation. These gifts are not just tokens, they are expressions of gratitude and encouragement, designed to make a lasting impact on recipients. Our collection goes beyond conventional items, offering a range of options suitable for every budget.

Embrace the power of corporate gifting to build stronger relationships and create unforgettable moments in this evolving world. Let's dive into this guide and explore how these unique gifts can bring joy, comfort, and well-being to your valued associates and clients. Discover the art of meaningful appreciation as we navigate the path to success together.


I. Premium Gifting for Esteemed Clients

If you are looking for something exclusive, elegant and for people with discerning tastes, then select from this exquisite collection of luxurious gifts (below)! Be assured, these premium offerings are not only remarkable but will also convey your sincere appreciation and reinforce business relationships.

(a). Āśaya Luxury Gifting Dessert Box 

Āśaya Luxury Gifting Dessert Box

Price: Rs. 3,950.00

Elevate your dining experience with our designer 'Pichwai Kamal' Serving Platter - a masterpiece that serves style on a platter! Adorn your table with the exquisite lotus design, inspired by the timeless art of Shrinathji Temple in Nathdwara, Rajasthan. Indulge in the enchanting flavors of our artisanal sun-baked spiced honey gulkand and premium Kashmiri kesar, perfect for crafting mouthwatering festive treats like gulkand ladoos, rose dry fruit barfi, or kesar mithai. This luxurious and elegant box is the sweetest platter to gift!

Unlock the treasure trove of delights with our Āśaya luxurious gift box and experience 24-carat pure gold of intricate brilliance and our selection of finest gourmet ingredients that is sure to stir souls. Personalize it with a custom gift tag and earnest message, making it an unforgettable gift for your esteemed clients. 

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(b). Premium Utsav Gourmet Gift Hamper

Premium Utsav Gourmet Gift Hamper

Price: Rs. 3,780.00

Celebrate in style with our exquisite 'Premium: Utsav Gourmet Gift Hamper' - artfully handcrafted by skilled artisans, brimming with nutrient-dense whole foods tailored to suit unique tastes.

This unique basket is apt when you are looking to make a deeper impression as it dances on connecting with the individuals in a way that no other gift really can. It touches the heart and charms the recipient with its unique treasure trove of items. Within it, one can find farm-fresh, traditional and truly authentic gourmet items such as A2 desi cow ghee, handcrafted & artisanal rose tea (rare), raw honey (straight from the bees), heirloom black rice and much more. Complete it with a charming handcrafted utsav basket (reusable) and a stylish festive greeting card.

Trust us, this basket is sure to create lasting memories. Express your sincerity and deepest regards for your most esteemed clients with this personalized gift hamper. Or simply make a thoughtful choice for special occasions like festive gifting, annual functions, town halls or gifts to foreign dignitaries. Embrace the joy of giving and nourishing with our exquisite 'Utsav' baskets.

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(c). Āśaya Luxury Gifting Beverage Box 

Āśaya Luxury Gifting Beverage Box

Price: Rs. 3,200.00

Indulge in the goodness of health and taste with our exquisite Āśaya Beverage Premium Gift Box. Inspired by the vibrant periwinkle or sadabahar flower of India, our designer gift box is a refreshing hamper. The delicate 24-carat gold glasses take 'serving' several notches up and our gourmet pairings with these glasses make it a perfect gift for all seasons. Revitalize the day with honey lemonade to boost metabolism, or savor the nutty goodness of our moringa sattu mix for daily protein and fiber requirements. Elevate gatherings with natural honey-based fruity cocktails or luscious nutty smoothies for guests to relish!

This premium gift box is perfect for a blend of traditions and modernity. Consider this for bulk orders when you want to impress your clients and be intimately present on their tables or offices. Elevate your gifting experience with health and luxury, accompanied by a personalized gift tag.

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(d). Premium Wellness Gift Box 

Premium Wellness Gift Box
Price: Rs. 2,495.00

Our Wellness Box is a unique and thoughtful curation of health. This is perfect for people who enjoy the finer things in life and appreciate high-quality and truly healthy ingredients. Enjoy this exquisite box filled with some of our most premium & best-selling cold-pressed oils, including almond oil, flaxseed oil, sesame oil, and virgin coconut oil. Show your clients or employees you care and prioritize their well-being with this special gift box.

Savor the festivities and consider this perfect corporate gifting option that stands out in a post-pandemic world. Let the goodness of these oils nourish your body and soul.

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(e). Āśaya Luxury Tea Gift Box 

Āśaya Luxury Tea Gift Box

Price: Rs. 4,350.00

Experience the art of tea gifting with our exquisite Āśaya 'Pichwai Kamal' Tea Box - an ode to the timeless paintings of Shrinathji Temple in Nathdwara, Rajasthan. This designer box features 24-carat gold 'pichwai kamal' mugs that blend beauty and elegance. Our certified organic loose-leaf tea comes from the finest grade of leaves in Assam and is hand-rolled to perfection. Each leaf unfurls to long lengths with aromas and flavours to make you sing. Paired with our fresh, raw and pure honey, this tea box is a class apart. Savor the rich flavors of handcrafted goodness and enhance tea time with the delightful sweetness. 

This exquisite and designer tea gift box is a luxurious indulgence and is best suited for the most prestigious audience you want to impress. The fine artistry of the design and hand-crafted gourmet produce complete the enchanting and premium gift box. Consider this for this year's Diwali gifting and receive compliments and appreciation notes like never before!

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II. Classic Gifting for Partners

In our "Classic Gifting for Partners" section, we have put together a carefully selected assortment of gifts that exude timeless elegance. These offerings are specifically chosen to convey sincere appreciation and to nurture essential relationships one share with esteemed business partners. Each gift is thoughtfully curated to reflect the significance of these partnerships and to create lasting impressions of gratitude and mutual respect.

(a). Energy Boost: Mise-En-Place Gift Hamper

Energy Boost: Mise-En-Place Gift Hamper

Price: Rs. 1,685.00

Elevate the festive spirit with our Mise-En-Place Sustainable Gift Hamper - the Energy Boost! This classic gift hamper never gets out of style and is most appreciated by those who receive it. The jute organizer basket is elegant, sustainable and extremely useful. It has multi-utility functionality and can be used both in an office or at home! Even the thought behind each item that gets included in the basket shows well-being and care. This curated gift hamper can be styled in multiple ways and is perfect for gifting to high-end clients and your top management!

Our energy-boost basket is designed to make one feel energized with an array of farm-fresh, absolutely pure and highest-quality produce that is handcrafted traditionally. Use our cold-pressed virgin coconut oil for healthier cooking or pampering the skin. Stay hydrated and energetic with moringa sattu powder - a morning ritual that sets the tone for the day. Our mix millet flour and heirloom red wheat dalia are packed with micronutrients that ensure your health is well taken care of. Delight in sweeter notes with our spiced honey gulkand. Plus, cherish the lovely rope basket, serving as a stylish organizer. Available in yellow or pink colour. Give the gift that touches hearts forever.

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(b). Nourish Your Skin Gift Hamper

Nourish Your Skin Gift Hamper

Price: Rs. 2,445.00

Make each moment special and festivities unforgettable with Nourish Your Skin Gift Hamper. This is a perfect gift for Women's day or festive gifting for the women in your office! Show you care and bring joy with this thoughtful hamper, a gift that says "You deserve the best".

Indulge in Advait Living's exquisite range of skincare products that harness the power of botanicals and Ayurvedic wisdom to create a truly immersive and nostalgic experience. The long-standing formulations, that have stood the test of time, are super gentle and yet powerful enough to produce visible results with zero nasty side effects!

The beautifully designed brocade tray adds a touch of festivity and elegance to the gifting season and will surely bring smiles to every face. Indulge in items that will bring radiance and glow to the skin such as ayurvedic & natural ubtan bath powder, ayurvedic formulations for nutri hair mask, all-natural rose facial cleanser and a range of cold pressed oils. Plus, cherish the consciously curated gift basket, serving as a stylish organizer. 

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(c). Handcrafted Festive Gift Trays: Mithaas Platter

Handcrafted Festive Gift Trays: Mithaas Platter

Price: Rs. 2,690.00

Introducing the Mithaas Platter - A Gift of Sweetness and Wellness! Create magical moments and unforgettable festivities with our exquisite range of gift hampers, baskets, and trays. Our gifts are not just beautiful, but also practical, bringing smiles to every face. Teaming up with Kiesha, we present this beautifully designed platter that enhances festivities along with health! Move away from traditional sweets and consider gifting our best-selling healthier sweeteners: raw natural honey, honey gulkand, jaggery powder, and sweet amla candy. Perfect for anyone who wants to indulge in the goodness of traditionally made sweeter alternatives that beckon health as well. 

Our chemical-free products are household essentials, not just passed on but used daily. Brighten up your festivals with this delightful gift and spread the joy of health and sweetness. 

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(d). Classic: Utsav Gourmet Gift Hamper

Classic: Utsav Gourmet Gift Hamper

Price: Rs. 2,490.00

Experience the epitome of gourmet indulgence with our Classic Utsav Gourmet Gift Hamper. "Utsav" literally means celebrations and joy! This indulgent gift basket will surely create lasting memories. Express your sincerity and deepest regards for your partners and select employees with this personalized gift hamper.

Meticulously handcrafted by artisans, these exquisite 'utsav' baskets are brimming with farm-fresh, handcrafted and nutrient-dense whole foods, thoughtfully customized to cater to your unique needs. Unwrap the treasures within this sumptuous basket with traditional and truly authentic gourmet items such as handcrafted & artisanal black tea, moringa sattu protein mix, multi millet mix flour, low carb nuts & seeds flour and much more. All are presented in a stylish handcrafted utsav basket, making it both a delightful gift and a practical keepsake.

Perfect for (healthier) bulk corporate gifting, adding an extra touch of elegance to special occasions. Savor the richness of life with our Classic Utsav Gourmet Gift Hamper.

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III. Good Health for Employees

Here we have assembled a selection of meaningful gifts centered around the well-being of hardworking employees. These thoughtful gifts are aimed at expressing care and support while encouraging a balanced and thriving work environment.

(a). Love For Chai: Mise-En-Place Gift Hamper

Love For Chai: Mise-En-Place Gift Hamper

Price: Rs. 1,560.00

Celebrate this festive season with our Mise-En-Place Sustainable Gift Hamper, a cherished gift that will never be forgotten. Embrace peaceful moments with a hot cup of our premium loose-leaf black tea, elegantly presented in the stylish basket, allowing the mind and body to relax amidst the festivities. Enhance tea experience with the delightful moringa chai powder, adding an extra flavor to the cup of happiness. Savor sweeter notes with our chemical-free jaggery powder and raw single-flora honey. This lovely rope basket doubles as a stylish organizer, making it a gift your employees will hold dear forever.

Elegant, stylish and functional, our Love For Chai: Mise-En-Place Gift Hamper is perfect for bulk corporate gifting on any occasion.

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(b). Sweet Delight Festive Potli: Gift Token of Love

Sweet Delight Festive Potli: Gift Token of Love

Price: Rs. 775.00

If you are looking for large bulk gifting for events, conferences, or simply as a token of appreciation to your clients or employees, our Sweet Delight Festive Potli: Gift Token of Love is perfect!

Delightful and simple, this festive token of appreciation features the goodness of raw single flora honey and spiced honey gulkand, lovingly nestled in a multipurpose festive potli. Moreover, the beautiful potli exudes festive vibes, complemented by the sweeter notes of its contents. Classy, pocket-friendly, and tied with a lovely golden dori, this exquisite gift is a perfect blend of taste and health. Complete the look with a customizable gift tag featuring your name or company logo, adding a personal touch to your heartfelt gesture.

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(c). Thandai Gift Kit 

Thandai Gift Kit

Price: Rs. 799.00

Indulge in the essence of tradition and relive the nostalgia of childhood with our DIY Thandai Kit, ideal for personalized bulk gifting and as a token of appreciation to clients or employees. 

This unique DIY Thandai kit features unsweetened thandai powder that makes for a delightful drink perfect for elevating celebrations.  Packed with the goodness of dry fruits, seeds, spices, kesar, and fragrant rose petals, our ready-to-use thandai powder contains no added sugar and can make 5-6 glasses of this refreshing summer drink. 

Added to the kit are - sunbaked spiced honey gulkand and single-flora raw honey that add sweeter notes to the festivities. With this kit, one has the freedom to experiment and savor authentic thandai tailored to suit all taste buds. One can be creative and build flavors just the way they would prefer - the classic saffron thandai or the delectable honey gulkand thandai. Contents of the kit can be used together or individually for a delightful and refreshing experience.

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In the post-pandemic world, make your mark with these 12 unique corporate gifts that redefine gifting. From wellness hampers to eco-conscious delights, these thoughtfully curated offerings showcase your appreciation while embracing the essence of the new normal. Stand out with meaningful gestures that leave a lasting impression on your valued partners and clients.



Q. What are the corporate gifting trends for 2023?

The 2023 corporate gifting trends are inclining towards health-conscious, personalized, and eco-friendly options. Influenced by the pandemic, gifts that promote well-being and comfort, align with personal tastes and carry a touch of personalization are preferred.

Q. What are some factors to consider when choosing corporate gifts?

Choosing corporate gifts involves considering the recipient's taste, the health benefits of the gift, its sustainability, options for personalization, and cost. The uniqueness, aesthetic appeal, and emotions it evokes are also important.

Q. Where can I find unique corporate gifts?

Unique corporate gifts can be sourced from various online platforms or specialized gifting companies. Advait Living offers options like the Sweet Delight Festive Potli and the Āśaya Luxury Gifting Box.

Q. How can unique corporate gifts positively impact employee engagement?

Unique corporate gifts can boost employee engagement by reinforcing relationships and expressing genuine appreciation. A thoughtful gift makes employees feel valued and connected, fostering loyalty and motivation.

Q. Can companies customize these unique gifts with their branding?

Yes, gifts from Advait Living can be customized with your company's branding. Options include adding a tag with your company's logo or a personalized message card. Moreover, we also offer the opportunity to build your own gift hamper, where you can opt for the products of your choice including a variety of items in different sizes and price ranges!


Q. Are there any budget-friendly options for unique corporate gifting?

Certainly, there are budget-friendly options for unique corporate gifting. Advait Living's Sweet Delight Festive Potli and Cha Festive Potli are budget-friendly choices for bulk corporate gifting.


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