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Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil (अलसी का तेल) | Virgin | All Purpose Use

Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil (अलसी का तेल) | Virgin | All Purpose Use

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Our cold pressed flaxseed oil (अलसी का तेल) is made from farm grown black flaxseeds. Highest quality and graded seeds are cold pressed without any addition of any heat-solvents to obtain fresh and aromatic virgin flaxseed oil. Once the raw oil is pressed, it is left to sediment for a couple of days before it is filtered by a cheese-cloth and packed in glass bottled.


  • Made from 100% raw flaxseeds
  • Single farm origin (grown and processed at our regenerative farm)
  • Single pressed to extract the maximum bio-active oil
  • No chemicals or heat solvents are added during the extraction process
  • Contains zero additives or preservatives
  • May have sediment deposit sometimes (natural to occur in raw & unrefined oil) 

How to use flaxseed oil? 



1. Aromatic

2. Neutral flavour and hence excellent for salad dressings

3. Naturally heat stable (suitable for all types of cooking)

4. Naturally high Omega 3 (plant-based and vegetarian source)

What is the difference between cold pressed and heat-solvent oils?

Recommended Use

Glass bottles

Our flaxseed oil is packed in high-quality glass bottles.

1. Unlike plastic, glass is one of the safest material to store food products for long. Glass has the unique ability of not interacting or leeching into the food and that keeps the ghee safe and pure for the longest time.

2. Our smart glass bottles are made from the highest quality glass raw material.

3. Once you oil is over, you can reuse these glass bottles to store any other items in your kitchen.

4. If you are locally-based (to our store), you can also bring these glass bottles to our store for a refill. All refills are eligible for a discount.

5. If by any chance, the glass bottles break, you can send it for recycling. The best part is that glass can be recycled endlessly without any reduction in quality.

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