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Raw Honey | Ajwain | Monofloral | 100% from Bees | Ethical Bee keeping | Cold-filtered | Glass Bottle

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Our delicious and 100% pure raw ajwain (also called carom) honey comes directly from the nectar of the Ajwain flowers in the fields of Rajasthan. It is well-known for it's medicinal properties to improve digestion and appetite and is a wonderful colon cleanser due the to the natural and active enzymes present in Ajwain itself. This honey may contain natural pollen.

Monofloral Flavour Profile: Pleasant, rich, medium-sweet, floral with a hint of tang. This luscious liquid is light gold in colour. It pairs incredibly well with Brewed Teas,  Ricotta cheese as well dried fruits. Consume directly to eat like a dessert or spread on toast for a delicious and immersive experience. Be sure not to microwave your honey, because the heat will destroy many of your favourite enzymes and vitamins.

Region of Origin:  Directly from micro-beekeepers near ajwain (carom) fields of Rajasthan

Harvesting Month: December

Crystallisation: Tends to crystallise due the presence of natural glucose present. Heating and processing of honey destroys the natural crystals present in the honey. Our honey is unprocessed and the crystals prove that the honey is quality and hasn't been processed.

What makes it unique: 

  • Raw Honey: This honey is raw, unprocessed, unpasteurised honey that is as natural as it can get. No sugar or any of its variants are added to the honey. It is directly from the bees.
  • Monofloral: Mono=single. Floral=flower. Mono floral honey is a single flower honey. The term "Ajwain" refers to the floral origin (and not infusions). We do not infuse our honey with any additives or herbs. 
  • Cold-filtered: Our honey comes directly from micro-beekeepers and is naturally extracted & cold-filtered to remove external impurities. Consequently, it holds all the beneficial immunity-boosting enzymes, antioxidants and minerals. Heating honey, on the other hand, destroys nutrients and Ayurveda strictly prohibits it. Our honey is FLASH-HEATING FREE & PASTURERIZATION-FREE
  • Ethical bee Keeping: Passionate micro-beekeepers have collected this honey, using bee-boxes that are humane and bee-preserving. No bees are harmed in bee-boxes, rather bees are kept as pets.  Holistic and conscious methods are deployed to naturally extract honey that lead to ZERO harm for the bees or the environment.

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