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Flaxseeds | Alsi Seeds | Natural | Unprocessed | Raw | 250 GM

Flaxseeds | Alsi Seeds | Natural | Unprocessed | Raw | 250 GM

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Flaxseeds (also commonly known as alsi seeds) are regarded as a superfood for their immense health benefits. Flaxseed has naturally occurring anti-oxidants, fibre, protein, essential fatty acid, omega-3. They can be easily incorporated in our diets and grinding them is the best way to consume them to derive maximum health benefits.


Health Benefits :

  • Help in controlling blood sugar levels
  • Help in weight management
  • Lower the cholesterol level and reduce blood pressure
  • Rich in omega -3 fatty acids and are extremely good for heart
  • Rich source of fibre and improve digestive health



  • Raw, natural and completely unprocessed
  • Loaded with several health benefits
  • Powered with essential micronutrients


How to consume :

Consume in ground form, as whole flaxseeds can pass through the digestive tract undigested.

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