How is regenerative farming different from organic farming?

How is regenerative farming different from organic farming?

Humans are extractors. We extract coal, minerals, fossil fuels and water. Through modern agriculture, we are extracting all the nutrients and minerals from the earth. And we don't like to give back!

Regenerative agriculture is about giving back! It is a system of “regeneration” and ‘self-sustenance’. A methodology which adopts nature’s recycling at it’s heart. Organic farming is like modern agriculture in some aspects. The principles behind organic farming and regenerative farming are as distinct as night and day.

Organic farming is much like modern agriculture. Organic lands can be large areas of monocropping fields with one difference - synthetic inputs such as chemical fertilizers & pesticides are exchanged for organic fertilisers and natural pesticides. However, the value system of yield and profits remain at the heart of its operations. The role of humans, techniques and tools remains central to it’s execution.

On the other hand, regenerative farming requires a massive shift in your outlook. It needs a change in the way you view agriculture and the ecosystems surrounding it. You are no more just a grower of crops but a resorter of ecosystems. This is a completely different approach and requires an understanding of how nature works. You work with nature rather than against it.

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