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Advait Living

Premium Holi Liquid Colours | 100% Natural & Organic | Flowers and Vegetables Extracts | Free from Synthetic Dyes | 200ml (100X2)

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Our premium holi 100% natural water colours bring back what we have lost - Flower Holi! Traditionally Holi was played with extracts from plants. Advait Living Farm, is bringing back these traditions. Made with flowers and vegetables, these water colours are 100% safe for you, your children and the earth! These are full of natural pigments that are actually good for earth! So be completely worry-free, and let these gentle water-colours add the fun back into Holi! 

How do we make these Liquid Colours?  Made traditionally with 100% edible agricultural produce, flowers & vegetables only. 

  • Tesu: Made with tesu flowers, marigold flowers and turmeric extracts only
  • Majith: Made with majith plant, rose petals and beetroot extracts only

Why are our water colours safe?  Because we don't use any nasties. No synthetic dyes or industrial produced pigments, or any chemicals. Your safety matters to us. These water colours contain - Zero chemicals, zero talcum, zero asbestos and zero silica.

What does the box contain: These come in a set of two. 

  1. 100ml Tesu
  2. 100ml Majith 

How to use them: Mix one bottle in one bucket of water to get 100% natural water colour for Holi. Each 100ml Liquid Colour is enough to make 1 bucket of water. 

Plastic-free packaging: Our commitment to sustainability remains strong. This is 100% plastic-free product. Water colours come in cute glass bottles (that can be reused several times). Our outer box is made with 100% recycled kraft paper box and the sleeve is made of paper. The box is shipped plastic-free across India.

Allow our gentle ingredients to caress your skin!

Here are more reasons to choose these gentle beauties!

Truly made our celebration so much more colourful!

"Thank you so much for the gulals. We used them for haldi celebrations at our wedding. They were beautiful and amazing. And no-one had any issues. They came off easily. I am sooo happy with them. They truly made the whole celebrations so much more colourful and fun."

Anushka Salini, Kerala
  • What are 'Pucca Colours'?

    Pucca Colours: 'Pucca colours' are well-known for their ability to leave a stain on the skin and even walls. The reason that happens, is because these are made from strong industrial dyes and pigments. Moreover, these may also contain silica, asbestos, and other carcinogenic ingredients. They can not only be harsh to the skin, but may also pose health hazards to humans, animals and even the earth. For example: Green colour could be derived from copper sulphate, which is a common agricultural poison or purple that may be made from chromium and bromide compounds, which are both carcinogenic. ANother common dye used is Gentian Violet, which is is a mutagen, a mitotic poison, and a clastogen.

  • How are "100% Natural Liquid Water Colours differ from Pucca Colours"?

    Advait Living (Farms) is bring back the lost tradition of making Gulals and water colours from flowers and herbs! Our liquid holi colours are made by grinding, boiling and extracting natural pigments that can be mixed with water to get Holi Colours. They are 100% 'natural', 'safe', 'non-toxic'.

  • How to wash these water colours off?

    Water colours, made from Industrial dyes, require repeatedly washing with soaps and scrubbing of the skin. This aggravates a lot of skin damage.

    Our natural and gentle liquid colours will wash off with water itself! So, no dryness or skin damage will take place due to excessive scrubbing during your bath.

  • My children love balloon fighting. I am worried about the impact of these colours on them.

    Be worry-free. Our water colours are made of food-grade edible material and 100% safe. Lets leave worry behind and bring joy back in to Holi!

  • Colours make my skin patchy. Are these skin friendly?

    Our natural water colours are made from plant extracts. They are extremely kind to the skin and are suitable for all skin-types. However, some ingredients may not be suitable for your skin. It is always advisable to do a patch test first and check compatibility before use.

    Please do refer to the ingredient list to see if you have any specific allergies to any of the ingredients mentioned above.

  • Usually water colours can leave stains that are hard to remove. Will these be easy to wash off?

    Our water colours are made with 100% natural ingredients and can be washed off easily with little water! They will not leave wall stains either. You can enjoy the festivities without any worries or stains!

  • I have animals at home. Are these safe for them?

    While these water colours are 100% safe for animals. avoid exposing your pets to activities that may discomfort them.

  • What makes them 'earth friendly'?

    Holi Colours, made from industrial dyes and pigments, are highly toxic to the environment as they may burn plants in the vicinity and these leech in under-ground waters when washed off. The impact remains for months/years together.

    Our water colours are made from edible agricultural produce that are 100% safe to its immediate environment and under-ground water. Moreover, they need very little water to wash off and hence save water as well.

  • Do you have Holi Hampers?

    Yes, we have customisable Holi Gift Hampers. Please reach us via whatsapp 9084894625 to enquire.

  • I am looking for bulk purchases for corporate/large events.

    Bulk purchases for corporates, events and home parties is possible. Please drop us a text on whatsapp 9084894625 with your requirements.

  • What is the shelf life?

    Our Liquid Water Colours (un-opened) have a shelf-life for 6 months.